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    Feathers of Isis


    Become A Feather On The Wings Of Isis

    Would you like to be one of her Feathers? The Temple of Isis is a non-profit organization, and as such, our center is run entirely by volunteers and donations.

    It is our hope to bring back the caring and nurturing qualities of the Goddess as it was in ancient Egypt.
    Our purpose is to create sacred space so out guests might experience that which is totally unique in the world.

    We are a sanctuary for birds, animals and human beings ... and we need your help to carry on the work here. As such, donations are most gratefully accepted. In addition, we can make work trades for lodging to those of you that have talents by assisting with gardening, animal care, cooking, office work, and virtually every other talent.

    If you are interested in assisting us, please email us at: info@isisoasis.org





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